The Third Step

I talk a lot about Entrepreneurship Road. While most people have taken the first step down this road, very few have taken the second step. Even fewer venture on to the third step. Below I shade in a bit more detail on these three steps.

The First Step: Day Dream

The first step on this road requires only thought. When a person thinks “We need a dedicated Hispanic bank that could truly understand and serve the Hispanic community in a way that the larger banks around here will never be able to do.” they are taking the first step. (Contact me if you want to move forward with this idea. No, seriously – it’s an awesome idea!) Or a person may think, “I could really help our clients with their needs if I had my own firm and set my own rules. This place is holding me back.” Just committing these thoughts is the first step on Entrepreneurship Road. Most of us have done this at least once if not regularly.

The Second Step: Call To Action

The second step is far more difficult than the first. The second step is moving from thought to action. This may be as simple as telling others about your thoughts and ideas. It may be just making a phone call to suss something out. However, DO NOT confuse simple for easy. I can tell you many things that are simple that are not easy. Think back to that first person you has a crush on. Calling that person was simple but it was NOT easy!

Two points about this step. First, you are starting to get really excited by now! Second, you have not made a single commitment that requires anything more than a bit of your time. So, while it is very hard to get this far (and most people never will) it is also embarrassingly simple to take these two steps.

Oh, one last thing about taking the second step. When you get to this point, stop. Look at both of your feet! At this point you are really committing to your idea! Both of your feet are in one world. You do not have one foot in and one foot out. You are turning thought into action and you are committing! While you can not see how far down the road you are going to go, realize that you are now only one step away from MOVING down the road!

The Third Step: Follow-Up

The third step is different than the first two. The first step is like dipping your toe in the water. It is simple and easy. The second step takes more chutzpah! You have to admit at an important level that your idea, that you yourself, are worthy of extra effort. When you can admit that, then you are finally willing to put energy into pushing your idea into action. It is simple but not easy. The third step is neither simple or easy. This step is called Follow-Up. And we almost all suck at it. I posted an article that spoke to the value I bring to my potential clients. I wrote that I bring skills and experience. But, I added something most people do not think about; something that does not matter very much in the JOB world and can’t be taught in school. I wrote that I bring a ‘continued momentum’. That is the ability to keep at something and never give up. The ability to incite movement and to take advantage of  this movement (more on this later). And the key ingredient to ‘continued momentum’ is Follow-Up. When I say Follow-Up I mean the ability to push an idea one more step. When you hit a road block you keep your mind actively in ‘solve’ mode. You call people for advice. You look at the world around you for inspiration and seek for answers in the thousands of systems that are operating around you at all times. If you can continually Follow-Up you will achieve ‘continued momentum’.

Let me close with one last observation about the third step on Entrepreneurship Road. When you take your third step you are not testing (Step 1). You are not committing (Step 2). You are MOVING! You are creating momentum. And the thing about moving is that you very rarely have two feet on the ground at the same time. Taking the third step will make taking the fourth step easier. If you continue to Follow-Up then you gain ‘continued momentum’. Walking down Entrepreneurship Road is scary and exciting! And it can make life amazing!

Let me know your thoughts on taking your first steps down Entrepreneurship Road.


3 thoughts on “The Third Step

  1. Just to get the ball rolling……I will be discussing many of the ideas above in more detail over time. But I will also be discussing case studies based on my personal experiences. I think these case studies will be a lot of fun.


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