What Signs Are You Wearing?

For the last month I had a political sign on my car urging others to vote for Chuck Reno for Mayor of the city of Reno. From the moment I placed that sign on my car it changed me. At least, it changed the way that I drove! In fact, over the last four weeks I have driven better than ever before. Magically I became a considerate driver. This was quite a change from my normal semi-aggressive driving style. And all the while every time I stepped into the car I remembered that I had that sign on the back. I hope that my new found courteous driving added a few more votes than it may have cost Chuck.

In a very real way, our social media presence creates a similar behaviour in each of us. As we develop our image on various platforms the thought dawns on us that people are paying attention. And when people pay attention they begin to form opinions about us from the details we are sharing.

Let me give you another example. A friend of mine recently posted a new profile picture and so his profile came up on my feed. Only his profile picture shows him with an exaggerated, very wide, open mouth smile with his left shoulder far back behind him and his hands giving two Fonz-style thumbs up. It is classic lounge lizard style sans 12 carat diamond ring.



Let’s be honest here. His business may not require any level of professionalism and the style truly suits his personality (He truly is an amazing guy). But let it be a warning to those that will heed it – the things you share on your social media platforms are like the political sign on the back of my car. Knowing this and acting on it can make you the courteous driver that adds votes to your “campaign” or the poor driver that detracts from your message.


What ‘signs’ are you wearing? Specifically, what signs have you placed on yourself? Have they had an affect on your behaviour? Leave a comment below.


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