The Second Life – Innate Proof of the Entrepreneur

Look around you and see what it is that people do with that block of time we hold dear that lies between the moment you get home and the moment you go to bed. For many people, their job is tiring (mentally or physically) and they “just need to veg out”. For others they head home and spend those few hours taking care of the kids (dinner, bath, bedtime, and then cleaning). Then there are those that use that time for fun. By ‘fun’ I mean they go out to dinner, to the movies, or to a friend’s house. They may spend time on their hobbies. They may play video games. Finally, there is the innate entrepreneur.

The innate entrepreneur seems to lead a double life. In essence, they get home and begin a second job. This is where there passion lies. I have noticed that the nature of the innate entrepreneur has at least three characteristics: 1. they can not stand still – they are always busy doing something. 2. they are always building something – whether it be an idea, a product, or whatever. 3. they dream in color – they see nothing but possibility and those possibilities are answers to other people’s problems.

Let’s be clear about one thing. Entrepreneurs DO NOT ALWAYS WIN! Most do not go on to own their own successful business and then sell it and retire. Most fail at least once. And it takes a lot of resources to fully explore even a single venture. While many of them do go on to build something of value, ultimately success is not what drives them – doing what they do is innate. If you want to build a bird house, they want to build 500 and sell them on Etsy!


I found that I always appreciated and wanted to be around the innate entrepreneur type of person. They are, after all, vibrant and interesting for the most part. If you are a member of this category, I recommend you begin associating with others of a similar nature. Networking with like-minded individuals will lead to more ideas, improvement of your original ideas, and networking that can put you in touch with the right people at the right time.

If you are an innate entrepreneur – good luck! If you are not – go build a birdhouse!

What are some characteristics of the innate entrepreneur that you have noticed?


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