Bumps on Entrepreneurship Road

I spoke another time about taking the first three steps onto Entrepreneurship Road. These steps are basic but essential and everyone must take them if they are going to reach success.

The first step is simple – think. All you have to do is create the thought. Think of a vision, think of something that does not exist right now, think of something that exists but that you can do better. You can think of how to solve a common problem. Whatever your idea is, all you have to do is think it. Spend time nurturing this thought. Dwell on it. And in turn let the thought or idea nourish you. This will build optimism and excitement which will be necessary to maintaining momentum later on. If you do not have a strong vision you will likely run out of steam short of your goal. (I find that thinking about the vision on a regular basis refuels your energy and momentum.)

third step

The second step on Entrepreneurship Road is to take the thought from inside your head (mental reality) and bring it into the real world (physical reality). This is essentially giving birth to your vision. Previously your vision had no tie with the physical world. This step changes that. Actions that fit this step run the gammit. It may be as simple as telling someone about it or writing it down. Or it may be as concrete as saving cash for the anticipated project or hiring a consultant. Usually it involves investigating the value and then the feasibility of the idea. Does it already exist? What inputs will be needed and what resources will be required to transform the inputs to outputs? What is the business model and who is the true customer?

The second step may be as simple as writing the idea down or as complex as creating your first goal. The third step is to accomplish the second step. That’s all there is to it. So the second step is to begin and the third step is to finish what you began. You might describe the broad steps and then detail all of the intermediate steps. Create a timeline. Then organize each days to fit the steps necessary to accomplish the goal. Again, if you have a simple action then these two steps will be short. If you are taking bigger steps then the timeline may be longer. Writing your idea down will take 30 seconds to 3 hours depending on your level of complexity. If you are going to hire a consultant then it may take as long as two weeks to research and meet with several consultants before settling on the right fit.

From here on out you need one primary ingredient. Having this one ingredient is usually necessary to overcome any resource shortage (including capital) or other obstacle you may face. This ingredient is ‘continued momentum’. Continued Momentum is nothing more than always taking the next step. This sounds simple. But trust me, most (I would say 80%) of projects do not get this far. And of those that do get to the Continued Momentum step the vast majority (easily 90% of the remaining 20%!) do not utilize Continued Momentum until the project is completed. And finally, a completed project does not mean success. It simply means that you have taken your project as far as it can possibly go. This usually means you have taken the project to completion and found out the idea is not feasible for whatever reason, i.e. it was a bust and your project is a failure. DO NOT DESPAIR! BE PROUD!! MOST PEOPLE NEVER GET THIS FAR!!! FINISHING A PROJECT IS A RARE ACCOMPLISHMENT.


I would gladly consider hiring a person that has finished a project but would never do the same for a person who has not.

What step are you on? What step are you stuck on?


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