About Me

Hello! I am writing this blog because over the last few years I have come to find that many of you out there  have taken at least a few steps down Entrepreneurship Road. For most it was a short journey in thought. For others, regardless of distance, the journey was scary, far too unpredictable, and even painful. And for a few, it has been the single most rewarding choice you have ever made. This blog is a dissection of the many journeys of people from all over the world that have added value to the world from their basement, local coffee shop table, co-working space, or store. My hope is that you will find it to be a fount of advice, a shoulder of commiseration, a respite from the journey where you might recharge your energy and get back our there.

My Name is Jared Andrus. I am 38 and I own a business or two or three (depending on the day you ask). I am not wildly successful but I have learned a lot and want to share those lessons with others who may tread this path. I have an amazing wife and two perfect boys. I love to garden, run, climb, hike, camp, concoct new menu items for the campfire, and DIY projects. My wife keeps me in line and mentors me. She is the perfect sounding board. If an idea of mine gets her attention then I know I am on to something. I currently spend the great majority of my time with my young little family. But I enjoy the flexible schedule that comes from owning your own business. I also enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur and marvel that a single individual can leave the JOB with nothing more than an idea and a phone and begin making money within days. I find that my journey on Entrepreneur Road allows for a very flexible schedule that means I can be a full-time student, an active member of my church, and pursue other ventures with ease. There have also been those days where I worked 20+ hours straight! But if I can somehow maintain financial independence then there is no other lifestyle I could, or would, advocate.

I hold a degree in Anthropology from the University of Nevada – Reno. I am 9 weeks away from obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration from the same university. I plan on attending multiple accounting courses and sitting for the CPA exam within the next 2 years. I am also always attempting to fulfill an urge within to be a successful serial entrepreneur. Along this journey, I am writing this blog to help others avoid my mistakes and to network.


Feel free to write me or send a message. I will do my best to respond to all matters of advice or questions.


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